Vision & Values

Making Disciples by

Living and Sharing the Gospel,

Anywhere and Everywhere



 We love people. We value people. We appreciate people.
God said if we love Him then we’ll love people. We are all created in His image.


We like to keep things simple. It helps.


 Spiritual growth happens best through intentional discipleship relationships.
We want to continually nudge each other closer to God.

  The arrows in our logo represent our values.
They all point to God & they’re held together with love & prayer. 


 We are motivated by our love for God and for people.


   Prayer is powerful. We pray all the time–for each other and with each other.

None of us here are perfect. Sorry. We don’t have all of the answers to your problems.
And we won’t pretend to. But we will pray–with you and for you. We’re in this together.