Sunday Morning

We worship together every Sunday morning at 9:30. We like to call it our family meeting. The word “church” can have many connotations. We aren’t just building a church. We are creating relationships that matter. We’re building family.

Currently, we’re meeting in a home. 5317 Cicero. So, as you can imagine, some things look a little different. But so much is still the same. Expect to be welcomed and loved. Expect to be greeted with a smile. You can expect a cup of coffee and a snack. We will offer one of the coveted seats on a couch. We are building this together. So, there’s room for your input and there’s room for you to serve if you’re up for it!

Feel free to dress up or down. Shorts. Jeans. T-Shirt. No problemo. Feel like dressing up? Have at it. No judgement for that either.

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5317 Cicero Dr
Belton, TX 76513

Experience God & Build Community

That’s what christian fellowship is all about. We’ve got some opportunities to do that.

Child Care

As parents, it is SO much easier to relax and be a part of something when you know your child is well taken care of. We’re parents too and we get it. Your children aren’t just watched, they’re cared for.


5317 Cicero Dr
Belton, TX 76513



5317 Cicero Dr Belton, TX 76513

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